The Fairmount Electric


The Fairmount 20″ Electric Commuter Bike is a fast, efficient way to get anywhere.

The aluminum frame of this e-bike is sleek and lightweight. It has all the features you need, including sturdy Kenda tires, 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain, plus extra electric power. To take the stress out of traditional bicycling, the Fairmount has pedal assist and an electric thumb throttle.

Cycling to work is a money-saving and environmentally-friendly alternative to cars, but brings the downside of showing up to work sweaty and disheveled. Fairmount’s premium features are easy to use and provide an extra boost of power to get to work on time. You can choose from three levels of pedal assistance to provide the perfect boost of electric power to assist you as you pedal.

You don’t feel like pedaling. You can use the fully-automatic thumb throttle to get you there, without pedaling. You can ride faster, climb hills more quickly and reduce pressure on your hips and knees.

The bike’s powerful 375W battery can run for up 4 hours, or 35-50 miles with pedal assistance. It can also be used to drive up to 2 hours or 20-30 miles by using the throttle. FreeForce allows you to go further without any limits.

Electric Commuter Bicycle

Premium Tires & Drivetrain

This aluminum 20-inch commuter bike has 28″ wheels, Kenda tires and a Bafang Motor. It also features a 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain to ensure smooth and reliable shifting.

Thumb Throttle and Pedal Assist

You can pedal, combine pedaling with one of the three levels of pedal assistance, or use the motor only with the electric throttle.

Battery Life

Your use of thumb throttle or pedal assist will affect the 375W battery’s life expectancy. The battery can last up to 4 hours, or 30-50 miles if you use pedal assist. The battery can last for up to 2 hours or 20-35 miles depending upon the terrain and weather conditions.

Maximum Speed

These bikes can travel up to 20 MPH. This is the maximum speed they are allowed to go without needing a license, registration or insurance. We recommend that you wear a helmet while riding.

Reliable Customer Service & Product Warranty

We are confident in the products we sell. To prove this, we offer a 2-year free warranty on all registered products. Additionally, we have a responsive customer support team to ensure you are taken care.

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