Shoot For The Moon – Luna Apollo Ultra Max Reviewed

It’s been nearly 50 years since Apollo 11 first set foot on the Moon. Since childhood, I was fascinated by the history and technology of space travel. The Apollo missions are a special part of my life. When technology frustrates me, I think back to the Apollo missions. They were done using slide rules and a flight computer with less power than modern calculators. Luna has been working on the Apollo for nearly two years. They are finally releasing the best ebike they’ve ever sold.

This article describes my experience riding an older version of the bike on a trip to LA in October 2017.

The background music of this high-tech electric beauty is my favorite part.

First, I was struck by the Apollo’s lightness. Although the Apollo ebike I tested was exactly 59lbs in Oct 2017, it didn’t have the full-size production batteries. I tested it using a 12Ah 30Q battery (the production bike uses a 21Ah pack). Although I don’t know the exact weight of the Apex, the Apollo felt lighter than its bigger cousin the Apex. I also reviewed the Apex which I was pleasantly surprised with the performance for a full suspension fatbike. Before the Apex, I had never tried a full suspension fatbike I liked. I have also ridden at least five full suspension fat bikes.

Although the carbon seat looks great, it is a real pain in the sex. The dropper post is just as sweet.

With its 27.5 Plus tires, the Apollo felt more like a bike than a fat one. It was only 3 inches wide. It can easily go over 40 mph on the roads and feels comfortable at 40 mph. It was quite annoying to see how slow the cars were when I rode around town. You can ride the ebike as a motorcycle in LA traffic. It’s fast enough to not be afraid for your life on all roads except the freeways.

It was great that my bike had the 4-bolt BCD chainring. Most Ultra’s have the 5-bolt BCD.

It performs well off-road, with plenty of travel in both the front and rear. It is terrible to sit on carbon fiber seats. No matter how thick your chamois, you will need to glue minicell foam to the seat.

Manitou’s fork was ideal for both road and trail riding

You must decide which size tire you want when deciding between Apollo and Apex. The 27.5 Plus tires are best if you don’t plan on riding in deep snow. The Apex is better for snow riding and in soft sand. Both were great and I was happy with them. It really came down to the price and the options. The Apollos don’t have as many options as the Apex.


  • 2000W factory-built torque sensing Ultra Max magnesium drive system (3lbs lighter than the normal Ultra Max).
  • Normal Ultra Max motors purchased from vendors other than Lunacycle don’t have the 2000W Ludicrous hardware mod controller and can only produce 1500W peak.
  • Built-in custom in the USA
  • It’s fun to ride and easily goes 40+ mph
  • Large battery pack that offers a lot of range, 21Ah, 52v
  • Great on the roads, but great on the trails
  • For a long-range, high power ebike with a great weight


  • Ultra Max Torque sensing Ultra Max makes it feel like you’re a superman. It’s hard not to go too fast!
  • Carbon seat is for the hard asses
  • Price
  • Additional warranty costs

They tested the carbon frame by running it over the rear triangle using a 16-wheeled army truck. It didn’t crack

Although the market for high-powered ebikes is growing, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by this bike. The Apollo is available and shipping now for $5899 right here from Lunacycle. The interface between man, machine and machine is seamless thanks to the torque sensing drivetrain. It will make it easier to commute and get to your destination faster than other bikes. It will be a great choice for trail riders as it offers the same power and range as an eMoto, but the stealth of an ebike. The Apollo is a bike, not a motorbike, even with its large battery pack. It will make it seem like you are doing the right thing and not riding a 2000 Watt sleeper.

It’s better not to have the power but not to use it than to have it and need it.

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