Kent 20 In. Torpedo Ebike

The Kent 20″ Torpedo Electric Bike will allow you to experience cycling in a new way. The sturdy steel frame of this 6-speed pedal assist bicycle is durable. The e-bike includes a charger and a battery. Three levels of assistance are available via the LED display. In full power mode, the motor adds 180W to power. It is located in the rear wheel. You can also choose from low and medium power modes to provide softer assistance. The handlebars also have an LED battery meter and power mode selector. The motor does not add any assistance unless the rider pedals. If the pedaling stops, the assist will stop immediately. Sensors on the brake levers controlling a pair V-brakes have the ability to reduce motor power when brakes are pulled. A 24V 5.2Ah battery of just 125 Who powers the motor. The battery can provide 15 miles (25km) of range in low power mode. If the battery runs out, the bike can simply turn back into a regular pedal bike. Even without an electric assist, the six-speed transmission makes it extra pedal-friendly. Sturdy Steel Frame Pedal-Assisted Electric Drivetrain Three Power Levels (small, medium, and large assist) 6-Speed Gearing Front Suspension Easy Assembly 24V 5.2AMP Removable Battery for Ease of Transport and Charging Battery power can provide a 15 mile range 180 Watt 24V Motor Charge time of 6 hours Dual Caliper Brakes

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