GOTRAX ALPHA 29inch Electric Bike

GOTRAX launched its hoverboards in 2017. GOTRAX quickly rose to popularity with the hoverboards. In 2018, GOTRAX introduced electric bikes and other e-rideables.GOTRAX is committed to providing a sustainable and efficient way for people to travel to their destinations as the world continues to grow and become more crowded with cars and traffic. Specifications Model: ALPHA Mileage Range: MAX 15.2 miles (Actual performance will depend on user’s weight and road conditions). Motor: 350W high-speed brushless motors 3 Gear Speed: 1Gear 8.7mph; 2Gear14.3mph; 3Gear 19.8mph LED display: Battery level, front light switch and 3 speeds Brakes: Front rear disc brakes and anti-lock system Transmission System: Shimano professional 7speed Speed MAX 19.8mph Battery: 36V 7.5Ah Li-ion Headlight: Light Charging time: 5 hours Capacity to climb: 15@ Frame Materials: aluminum alloy Material for Tires 29 inch wheels Maximum Load: 266 lbs/120 kg Net Weight: 52.2lbs/23.7kg Product Dimensions: 72*24.8*45.3inch You will need to assemble the bike yourself or hire a professional. 350W POWER MOTORThe 350W rear-drive motor produces powerful torque and has a unique feature that will increase power for mountain riding or daily commute. It can also be used to accelerate up to 20 mph. The front fork is made of high-strength, mechanically locked shock-absorbing equipment that allows you to ride unassisted on bumpy roads. HIGH CAPACITY BATTERYThe 270Wh Lithium Ion battery can be used for pure electric mode of up to 15.2 miles and pedal-assisted travel up to 24 miles. (Actual performance will depend on user’s weight and road conditions. You don’t have to worry about your battery being stolen because it is removable and has a lock built in. This is enough for most weekend trips or a day of adventure. TRUST TOP COMPONENTSShimano’s professional 7-speed transmission system is reliable and durable. Safety is assured by dual disc brakes and an electronic anti-lock system. For safe night riding, the new design includes a horn and a bright LED headlamp. 3 WORKING MODESPure electric mode, Assisted bicycle, and Normal bike. The assisted bicycle can be used for long distance travel and exercise. You can choose from three different assisted cruise speeds depending on your needs. Multi-functional LED display screen that displays battery level, front light switch and 3 gear cruise speed. Strong BODYThe 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame has a lightweight, atigue-resistant, and fracture-resistant design. For greater durability and faster ride, 29-inch tires offer more drag. Front disc brakes and anti-lock braking systems ensure that you are safe while riding. There are three speeds available for assisted cruise: 1gear speed is 8.7mph, 2gear Speed:14.3mph and 3gear Speed: 19.8mph.

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