First Ride Review: Ribble Endurance – AL e

Stu shares his initial impressions of the motor’s impact on Ribble’s Endurance range.

Our early impressions are that Ribble’s Endurance AL e is a highly capable all-round road bike, and the addition of a motor gives it an extra dimension without affecting the positive features of the non-electric version that we reviewed last year.

Ribble’s Endurance bikes always do well in reviews, regardless of their frame material. The Endurance AL, AL for aluminum – won our Sportive Endurance Bike and Endurance Bike Of the Year 2020/21 awards. It also placed second in the PS1,000 and under categories. The Endurance AL e now comes with a motor.

Power plant

The Endurance AL uses the MAHLE Ebikemotion X35+ hub motor, which is being used by many brands to power their road ebikes.

It is very easy to use. The top tube LED button allows you to turn the unit on and off, and select one of three power delivery modes that can deliver up to 250 watts or 40 N m (newton metres) of torque.

It is a discrete system that conceals the battery in the down tube. All wires run internally until they reach the rear hub.

Good all-rounder

How does it work?

When I wrote the review for the Endurance AL Disc, I described it as a bike for the masses saying, « It’s ideal for winter training, commuting, club runs, short blasts or long rides – it’s even quick enough for entry-level racing. It’s easy to handle for beginners, but not too relaxed for seasoned roadies.

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Although I have only been riding the Ribble for a short time, my impressions are that the Ribble’s key characteristics have not changed.

In fact, Ribble has maintained the geometry of the non-electric/acoustic model even with the need to accommodate the battery, charging port and all of the other electrical gubbins.

This means the front end is quite relaxed, which makes it predictable and easy to handle. However, the bike is fast enough to have fun in bends if you want to maximize the performance side.

Although the motor does add 3.5kg to the standard AL’s 10kg, it is not noticeable in false flats or downhill bends.

You might find that you are able to bend a little deeper than you would expect due to the extra weight. However, you will soon learn to adapt and this isn’t just a Ribble characteristic. The Merida eScultura 400 I recently tested uses the same motor and it felt similar.

Many people are concerned about riding on heavy bikes when they are not at the appropriate level of assistance. However, other than the false flats I mentioned, it is never an issue.

Flat roads are not conducive to a low-weight vehicle. I’ve never had any problems maintaining my speed.

On the climbs, the motor starts smoothly and it feels like you have a tailwind or someone holding your hand to give you a little push to reach the top.

The Endurance AL e has been comfortable so far. My only regret is that I have not made friends with the saddle yet. We might need to part ways if we don’t find a way together.

The Kappa RS is not to blame as I usually get along with Prologo’s offerings. It could be that my motor assistance has meant that I haven’t been getting out the saddle in a while.

The frame and fork provide a firm ride but don’t feel harsh. I have felt fresh after each of the two rides that I’ve done so far, which took me a few hours each.


We will be back in a few more weeks with an in-depth review, but for now, I will leave you with some stats about this bike that we are currently testing.

The Endurance AL-e is made from a 6061 T6 aluminum alloy frame. It comes in five sizes, and includes a full-carbon fork.

It is up-to-date with 12mm thru-axles front- and rear, as well as flat-mounts to house the disc calipers. You can mount mudguards to the unit via mounting points.

This model is priced at PS2,399 and the range begins at PS2,399

Ours comes with a complete Shimano 105 groupset, Level finish kit, and Mavic Ksyriums S wheels. Ribble lists Continental Grand Prix GT 28mm tires on his spec sheet, but our bike came with Schwalbe Ones.

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