Electric Cycles

In the last few years, electric bikes (e-bikes), have been growing in popularity. These bikes can be used to make long, hilly commutes easier, take you on longer leisure rides, and revive a lost love of cycling. An electric bike is different from an ordinary bicycle in that it uses a battery-powered motor for assistance with riding. You can switch between higher or lower motor inputs by using a small digital display. You can ask your motor to match or double your effort as you pedal, helping you to move forward.

What is the Secret to Their Success?

Electric bicycles are easy to use. You have three options for operation as a rider:

Pedal only

You can pedal an electric bike at any time just like you would a regular bicycle. The motor creates no additional resistance, so the electric bicycle will feel just like a regular bike. Your bicycle may come with either 3 or 8 gears, depending on which model you choose.

Pedal-Assist (sometimes known as Electric-Assist).

This mode allows you to combine human and electric power. This mode can be turned on by pressing the button on the handlebars. The motor will provide gentle electric power while you pedal. To get more torque or speed, you can switch gears when the terrain changes. It is a wonderful feeling to use pedal assist mode. It makes cycling easy, flattens the hills, and allows you to enjoy the scenery.

Only electric

This mode allows you to relax and let the motor do all the work.

E-bikes are initially broken down into the same categories that conventional bikes: mountain, road, and niches like urban hybrid, cruisers, cargo, and folding bikes. Take the time to try the bike that you are interested in while you’re at the bike shop. Many shops have ample space to allow customers to do this. You can test more than one bike to get a better idea of your options and confirm the style that suits you best.

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