Ebike Innovations

The increasing sedentary lifestyles of many developed countries is due to technology. Many people are glued to their computers and televisions. Ironically, while technology is seen by many as the culprit for the health implications of poor diets and lack of exercise, it is also potentially the solution – the surge in popularity of ebikes (short for electric bikes) has led many ebike stores to capitalize on the trend by looking out for exciting new innovations.

Ebikes: What’s so great about them?

Ebike shops will always promote the advantages of ebikes. These benefits are already being recognized by the public, judging by the large global adoption. An electric motor assists in pedaling an ebike and takes much of the strain. This allows anyone who is not used to cycling or has restricted health conditions to enjoy safe and healthy cycling.

Ebikes and the Environment

Ebikes can also be used to reduce congestion and pollution on roads worldwide. This reduces the pollution of the air that contributes to climate change and adversely impacts the quality of people’s air. This helps to reduce the frustration of long and frustrating road trips for pleasure or work.

Ebikes are green and clean by their very nature, so they can cut through gridlocked traffic and get people to their destinations quickly.

Ebike Innovations

Ebikes are undergoing continuous innovation, which is exciting. For example, bad weather can no longer be used as an excuse for skipping a cycling trip: simply get one of the powerful all-weather ebikes that feature galvanized motors to drive through conditions such as heavy snow.

Why not just stick to the road? The latest ebike developments could see riders literally cycling on water, on a hydrofoil ebike that combines cycling with watersports.

Ebikes are gaining popularity

While market experts NPD felt Deloitte overstated their ebike forecasts, they still agree that the biggest growth in the overall bike market will be ebikes. In Australia, ebike stores are reporting huge growth as travellers look to skip the depressing crush of traffic congestion. Emissions are also being cut back as people fear for the environment. Australia is currently experiencing soaring heatwaves, bushfires, and other problems.

The small carbon footprint of ebikes has also caused the Scottish government to take direct action to encourage ebike ownership. Ministers of Transport have cited the environmental benefits, as well as the health and well-being, to justify interest-free loans that allow more people to buy ebikes.

Ebikes can improve physical and mental health

For many people affected by either serious physical health conditions or debilitating mental illness, the advent of the ebike has been a lifesaver. Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that prevents riders from exercising like cycling. The ebike’s electric motor gives you an extra push, which changes everything. The cyclist can still pedal, so riding an ebike does not mean that they are « cheating ».

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Ebikes and Mental Health

Mental health is no different. Many potential cyclists stay at home because of depression and low self-confidence. Others are afraid to try new activities. Many people have found that riding an ebike on rough terrain is a great way to improve their self-esteem, and even overcome mental health challenges.Ebikes are especially popular with older people, who can now keep cycling for decades longer than previous generations

A survey by cycling insurance experts Cycleplan found that a third of respondents reported major improvements in their mental health after taking up cycling. The mental health charity Mind has pointed to the social aspects of exercises such as cycling playing a key role in improving mental health, with many cycling clubs pulling together large groups of people with similar interests.

Other studies highlight the increased blood flow to the brain that results from cycling, which is fundamental in reducing the chances of conditions such as dementia in later life.

The Laws of Riding Ebikes

It is important to be familiar with the relevant laws regarding ebikes if you plan to visit your local ebike shop soon. Ebikes, like all electric vehicles are subject to safety laws.

Canada has a mixture of federal and provincial laws, which are mostly related to the output and speed of ebikes. The United Kingdom has laws and definitions that are mostly aligned to EU legislation. Riders must be at minimum 14 years old. There are differences between federal and state laws in the United States. Many states have different minimum ages or set alternative safety requirements.

Ebikes improve personal health and the environment

Ebikes have many benefits for both the individual and the environment. As concerns about the environment grow, it is not surprising that people are now looking for greener energy options. Ebike owners report that it is great fun, which indicates that ebikes are set to continue growing in popularity.

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