It’s officially summer! It’s summertime when the temperature rises and the sun shines many hours per day, it’s time to go cycling. What better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by riding an electric bike? Assisted pedaling makes it possible to travel further and faster. This allows you to travel longer distances, ride with friends, and more. You will have a lot of fun on the majority of the cycling trails that are open in summer.

The Delfast TOP 3.0 electric bicycle is the perfect choice for those who enjoy off-road and city riding. This bike is built to withstand harsh conditions. Its components meet the highest safety standards. The frame is made from high-tensile steel, which guarantees maximum impact resistance. TOP 3.0 is the best choice for any terrain.

Information about riding an e-bike during summer

Before you start your summer bike ride, there are a few things that you need to remember. These are the most important.

  • You should avoid overexposure to UV radiation and intense heat. Overexposure to UV radiation and intense heat can cause sunburns, as well as skin diseases.
  • Take into account the physical condition and safety of roads and trails. Roads are more likely to be damaged by rain, ice, or snow after winter and spring. When the summer season is just beginning, bumps on cycling trails can be common. High summer temperatures can also cause asphalt damage.
  • It is important to perform a thorough inspection on your ebike in order to make sure it is safe to use in the summer. A thorough checkup usually includes the chain, brakes and brake cables (or hydraulics), as well as chain cables and tires. Don’t worry if you don’t have the knowledge to do such a thorough check-up. We have a great guide that will take you through all the processes to make your e-bike ready for summer.

You can take your two-wheeler to a professional repair shop for inspection or repair if you notice a problem. Prepare your ebike for summer.

Safety tips

The Delfast TOP 3.0 electric bike is unbeatable in safety and reliability. It can be used in all weather conditions. It can be safely ridden in both rain and heat. Don’t be alarmed if there is an unexpected downpour. This scenario is prevented by proper sealing of the electric system.

The TOP 3.0’s high-capacity battery is a big advantage, allowing for a range of up 200 miles. This is a far greater range than any other high-end electric bikes on the market. This bike is ideal for summer riding. It can go anywhere you like during the day. You won’t be disappointed by TOP 3.0. The Guinness Record for the longest electric bike ride on one battery was set by the Delfast.

You don’t have to be a TOP 3.0 owner, but there are safety precautions you should consider when you go summer riding. Here are the top safety measures.


It is vital to stay hydrated when riding in summer heat. It is better to have enough water with you for the entire trip. Feeling thirsty can be a sign of dehydration.

You can also drink electrolytes-rich beverages if you wish. If you ride for more than four hours, it is possible to need to replenish electrolytes. Summer riding can cause electrolyte loss more frequently than usual.

UV Protection

Before you go out in the summer sun, make sure to apply UVA/UVB sunscreen. UV radiation can cause skin cancer. Sunscreens should have a minimum of 30-50 SPF. Every 1.5-2 hours, make sure to stop and apply sunscreen again. You should ensure that your skin is not directly exposed to the sun. This includes the back, neck, shoulders and other areas. You must ensure that you are adequately protected throughout the ride.


Proper clothing for summer rides will provide comfort and protection. Cotton is a great choice for hot days. There are many breathable synthetic materials on the market that will not allow sweat to accumulate. All prices are available for specialized cycle clothing. You will have no trouble finding clothing that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Make sure to get a pair of good cycling gloves. They absorb sweat and keep your hands dry. You can keep your hands dry by wearing gloves. They allow you to hold onto the handlebars all day. You can also find gloves with padded palms that cushion your hands from vibrations and provide extra comfort.


Although spontaneous trips to the bike path are quite common in summer, it is important to plan ahead. Check the weather forecast first. Some parts of the world can experience very unpredictable weather in summer. For example, knowing whether rain is expected will allow you to choose the right clothing and gear.

Plan your route well. Avoid areas that have been affected by flooding or landslides. Always choose the most safe route. Tell someone about your planned route and don’t change it. You must ensure that your ebike’s battery is fully charged and covers the route you have planned.

You can find the location of every point along the route that you can take a break, drink water, eat snacks, or use the lavatories. Consider the COVID-19 restrictions, which still apply in many places around the globe. Make sure to bring a bottle hand sanitizer as well as a mask. Even if you are riding with family members, you might be refused entry to shops if your mask is not in compliance with government regulations. It is a good idea to avoid crowds, even in the post-pandemic era.

Heat protection

You can avoid extreme heat by stopping along your route to cool off in the shade or drink cold water. While cycling on hot days can be enjoyable, it can also make the experience very unpleasant. To find out when the heat will peak, check the weather forecast. It’s better to not ride during the hottest parts of summer. To avoid riding in extreme heat, take advantage of the longer hours of sunshine during summer. Plan your rides in the morning, or in the late afternoon when it is cooler. After a ride on your ebike, it is refreshing to be able to see the sunrises and sunsets. You can choose to ride in darkness if you choose the former.


Summer is the best time to ride an electric bike. These tips will ensure you have unforgettable experiences. Subscribe to the Delfast newsletter for more information about riding safely on an e-bike. Stay tuned for more advice!

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