Dutch Bike

What is a Dutch Bike, and how do you use it?
Although the Dutch might not have invented the bicycles, a trip to the Netherlands will show that they invented and continue perfecting cycling culture. Bikes are everywhere and can be used by all ages and shapes. Dutch people are proud of their love for biking!

The Dutch-style bicycles have a few distinctive qualities that make cycling fun, practical, and enjoyable. Let’s find out what makes Dutch bikes different from other bikes.

Step-Through Frame or Low-Step Frame
The Dutch traditional bikes have a low frame or step-through style. This allows for easy mounting and dismounting, as well as a casual, upright riding position. This design is particularly useful for riders who transport cargo, wear more formal or rigid clothing, and pedal routes that require frequent stopping.

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Dutch upright bicycles
The Dutch bike’s upright sitting position is a distinctive feature that offers many benefits to the rider.

The weight is transferred onto the hips and legs, which reduces pressure on the neck and back and creates a more comfortable ride.
Visibility for riders is enhanced, not just in the immediate area but also in the distant, because the rider’s viewline is extended.
Sitting higher allows riders to be seen better by pedestrians and motorists.
Fully loaded and ready to ride
The Dutch bike comes with everything you need, including a taillight, headlight, bell, storage rack and kickstand. These bikes are extremely utility-oriented and can be used to fulfill almost all needs. This reduces the need for cars and helps with errands and trips. You can attach panniers, small children or cargo to the rear rack.

Dutch bike showing all weather features like covered chain guard and fenders
All-Weather features
The Netherlands has a variety of weather conditions, from hot and sunny to cold and even snowy. There is also salty air in all seasons. Dutch bikes have a few unique features that make them suitable for all weather conditions. These features include:

Front and rear fenders
Skirts and mudguards
A chaincase covered
Use rust-resistant materials such as aluminum
These features protect the bike from the elements but also allow the rider to continue to wear normal clothes while riding, even to work.

You can ride like the Dutch even on hills
The Netherlands is known for its flat terrain. Dutch bikes tend to be heavier and have a single or limited speed. Here at Gazelle North America, we use top-of-the-line electric bike systems to make every hill feel as flat as Holland. Low gears and high levels of assist help reduce inclines, and make every ride enjoyable.

Are you ready to have the joy, convenience and pure delight of riding like the Dutch?

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