Diamondback Response Electric Bike

The « urban assault bike » is a popular commuter bike for young people in urban areas.

Diamondback’s product development team seems to be full of hipsters and young people.

The Diamondback Response electric bicycle is an urban assault bike. The Response is a Bosch-powered hardtail-mountain bike. However, it has a few modifications such as semi-slick Schwalbe Super Moto semislick tires and Class 3 capability that make it extremely capable in paved environments. This bike can be used to transport you to work or send stair sets.

Response’s Bosch Performance speed mid-drive motor

Electric Bike Report got the chance to do a quick-hit review of the Diamondback Response at the Big Gear Show in Park City this August. We did a much shorter review because it was difficult to fit in testing at a trade show, but we were able to spend enough time on the bike to get a feel for it.

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