Brooklyn Ambassador

Safe for your bike

Sandrine van Slee, my name is Sandrine van Slee. I’m a Dutch immigrant who has lived in Greenwich Village for 25 years. I have also been riding a bike for 24 years in Manhattan. I have witnessed the city change over the years. Where once I rode with only bike messengers, the city has evolved to be full of cyclists. There are great bike paths that run from Manhattan to Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

The Gazelle electric bike was a great experience for me! I can confirm that the Gazelle electric bike has been a great experience! The bike was super-smooth and fast. It’s made of sturdy materials, but it feels light when riding, which I find amazing. The handlebars, saddle, and pedal assist are all great features. It’s so much fun to ride past professional cyclists along the Hudson River bike path (and their faces!)

Low step frames are a favourite, they’re easy to use and we Dutch love to carry things on our bikes so it was easy to bring a large bag or other items. It’s also easy to navigate through the New York traffic and pedestrians. This bike is a completely different experience from a regular bike.

When it heats up in the city, I rent a beach bungalow in Rockaway Beach. It was great fun!

It was great to cycle at the beach with the Gazelle flow. I can’t wait for one!

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