Bright lights are the best way to grab people’s attention.

Incredible EBC customer, Dan Worthington, showcased his brightly lit E-Bike. Dan made sure that he and his brightly lit two-wheeler were well-seen by passing traffic on night rides.

Dan shared his brightly lit bikes first in a pre-empted Fourth of July post. The video features two EBC bikes, one with rear cargo carriers and front baskets, and the other with rows of neon lights attached. The bike’s frame is illuminated by the lights that move between blue and red. This corresponds to the American flag colors. The two illuminated E-Bikes have ongoing fireworks that light up the American sky with shards red and gold. Dan captured a stunning video that showcases the beauty of American tradition. We love Dan’s creativity and his decision to highlight the incredible style of EBC bikes.

Shortly after his initial post on the Electric Bike Company, Dan again showcased his disco-inspired E-Bikes. Dan posted images of the bikes while he and his wife were enjoying the sunset. These two glowing, lit-up frames quickly gained fans. One commenter was curious about Dan’s EBC bikes in daylight. He received an image of Dan’s brightly colored EBC leaning on a bridge. One commenter commented, « It kind of looks like jewelry. » A slew of Facebook users were inspired by this curious commenter and expressed admiration for Dan’s unique accessories. One user wrote, « I can’t get enough of your creative bike displays! » and another cheerfully wrote, « How much fun! » Dan has clearly set a new trend. Another fan asked: « This is amazing! » It’s great! We hope Dan and his wife will soon be able to cruise the streets on glowing EBC E-Bikes.

What do you think about illuminated bike frames? Do you plan to add lights to your EBC so that you can shine through your neighborhood streets? Let us know.

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