Cycling is a very popular sport at the moment. The electric bicycle’s development has been a significant step in this evolution. These electric two-wheelers can be seen in cities and the countryside. This makes sense as the running costs of an e-bike is significantly lower than other vehicles such as cars and bikes. You should also consider the other benefits. Ebikes are environmentally-friendly, and mobile – you can ride wherever you want. It is our belief that it will be the future of transportation.

The responsibility of an owner of an ebike is the same as that of a motorbike or car. This includes maintaining your vehicle in good shape, protecting the rider and adhering to traffic rules. You should also consider other factors when choosing the best route for your e-bike. Weather, maintenance level, speed and the quality of road surface are just some of these factors. Safety is your responsibility, no matter what type of vehicle you drive or ride in.

Attention to the above factors will ensure the integrity and reliability your two-wheeler. We will be discussing five tips that ensure safe riding. These are the safety checks you should perform on your ebike before you take to the roads. Safety should be your top priority, regardless of whether you are cycling for sport or commute.

Safety Check: Top 5 Tips

Regular maintenance at a specialist service center is the best way to maintain your electric bike in top condition. You can also do a quick inspection on your own before you go out to make sure everything is in good order. It will only take a few minutes and requires no technical skills. You can break down the checkup into five simple steps.

  • Make sure you check the brakes.
  • Take a look at the wheels.
  • Take a look at the lights.
  • Take a look at the display.
  • Make sure you have your safety gear.

We’ll now discuss each point in more detail. These tips will help prevent your ebike from collapsing mid-route.

1. 1. Check your brakes

It is important to check the condition of your brakes. An electric bike can go much faster than a pedal-powered bicycle. E-bikes weigh more than traditional pedal bikes. Therefore, you will need to apply more brake force to stop your electric two-wheeler.

Modern electric bikes have disc brakes. The handlebar lever activates these brakes. A brake pad is pressed against the rotor towards the middle of the wheels to activate it.

First, turn the left-hand lever to test the disc brakes. It is important to hold the lever in place and move the ebike forward and backward. The two-wheeler should not move. The same process should be repeated with the right-hand lever. Both cases require that the brakes hold your vehicle securely. The brakes must be maintained firmly by professional e-bike mechanics.

You should also check that the brakes engage when you press the levers. If they don’t engage immediately, take it to a repair shop. Each lever transmits the force to the brake pads using either a steel cable, or a fluid (hydraulicbraking system). The cable may be loose if the braking pads do not press the disc immediately after you activate the lever. Alternately, brake fluids can become contaminated in hydraulic brake systems.

2. 2. Check the wheels

Check that the tire pressure is within the recommended limits. You can check the pressure with a gauge. If the pressure is not too high, you can proceed to check that the front wheels are securely attached. You can check this by holding the handlebar in one hand. Next, move the wheel side-to-side with your other hand. The wheel should not move. Next, lift the front end of the ebike and turn the wheel. The e-bike should spin freely, smooth, and without any noises. The same operation should be repeated for the rear wheel. If the wheel fails to pass any of these tests, it is best to take your ebike to a professional mechanic.

3. 3. Check the lights

Bright lights are essential for safety riding in rainy conditions or in darkness. Bright front lights are essential for electric bikes. This will enable you to see ahead. You also need a bright rearlight to allow other vehicles to see you from far away. Our TOP 3 has powerful LED-lights at the front and back to ensure safe cruising in dark conditions. It also features turn signals that make it easy to be seen in any light condition. To make sure that your lights are working properly, you should turn them on before you set out for a ride.

4. 4. Check out the display

Your electric bike’s display is an important part. The display displays vital information such as battery charge, speed and distance traveled. The TOP 3.0 has a large display that displays all important parameters. Before you ride, make sure to turn on the display and check that it works properly. It is important to inspect it for damage.

5. Don`t forget about general safety

Make sure you have the correct safety gear for your ride. Wear a helmet, and select safe routes based on your riding ability. You should plan every aspect of your ride, and ensure you have all necessary supplies for any weather conditions. We have a guide that will help you to ride safely in any weather condition. You can adjust the handlebar, mirrors and saddle to your liking.
How to schedule service checks

Regular maintenance and checkups are essential for your electric bike. Professional service is essential before you start riding. E-bikes have additional systems, such as electronics, that can’t be serviced by regular bike mechanics. These visits can be scheduled during winter and autumn, when you have fewer rides. A qualified technician will inspect your ebike for signs and symptoms of metal fatigue.

Take your two-wheeler to a service center before you embark on a summer season of intense riding (summer). Preventing a problem is always cheaper than fixing it. Consider professional maintenance and checkups as an investment, rather than an expense.

Remember to follow all traffic rules in your area that pertain to e-bike riding. Bicyclists must adhere to the same traffic rules as motorists. Keep your eyes on the road and remain alert at all times. If your ebike does not have LED turn signals, you can use hand signals to signal when turning. The Delfast TOP3.0 has them.


You can have hours of fun on your electric bike if you take care of it and do a quick check before you go. Subscribe to the Delfast newsletter to make every trip with your two-wheeler memorable. Keep checking back to learn everything first.

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