We have done a terrain test, and chose a playground capable of providing not only stunning roads along the coast but also chaos in the center of the city… Massilia, Marseille, France!
Who wouldn’t want to take « la Corniche » to work every day?
We established our base camp at Goudes to benefit from this experience. It is a haven for peace located at the outer limits Marseille.
Our goal was to reach the area of business la Joliette >> located approximately twenty kilometers from our departure location.

After a few shots on the windy road near the sea, the shooting begins. Yann, our tester, stops right next to us.
It’s amazing to feel the bike pushing you. It was so easy to forget that it was even there! >>

We share his enthusiasm, and when we see his big smile, it is clear that the bike is super-efficient to drive, which is pure joy!

Yann opens the road as we approach the town and we try to follow him in his car with the production crew. It is quite surprising to see us traveling at over 40 km/h according to the speedometer. We are riding at the same speed as him on the bends of the road that leads us to the town’s gateway. After a few more images, we decide to go to the center of the town towards the beautiful Panier district.

Yann enters the destination in the Bosch Nyon console’s GPS. We then enter Waze (driving directions) to find the meeting point. The first one to arrive is the last! Yann shouts as he leaves.

The bike’s full potential is revealed in town. Yann, who weaves between cars to get to the front of the queues at red lights, is quickly lost.

Yann, who controls his Speed’s handlebars, is quick and agile as we drive through Marseille’s tunnels. He arrives at the destination about ten minutes earlier than us… and we still haven’t found a parking spot!

We move from one spot to the next as the day progresses. It’s evening and it’s time for us to return to Goudes.

The Speed again beats our car on the return. Yann enjoys watching the scooters’ amusement at Yann’s bike, which is as fast as theirs!

This was A-MAZING >> It’s such a joy to ride this bike! I have ridden 60 km today, and without realizing it, could have done twice as much! >>

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